Adam Glassman’s 3 Red Carpet Trends To Try — And 1 To Avoid (VIDEO)

Still oohing over Scarlett Johansson’s dramatic collar necklace and ahhing about Jennifer Aniston’s leggy look? Adam Glassman, Creative Director at O, The Oprah Magazine, breaks down the three red carpet trends from the 2015 award season that we all should try — and the one look that should never be replicated.

Try: Statement Necklace

own ownshow red carpet cate blanchett

Statement necklaces were all over the red carpet this season. The trick to pulling off something like Cate Blanchett’s turquoise Tiffany necklace, Glassman says, is to let it be the star of the show. “She built the outfit around the necklace, so she kept the dress very simple,” he explains. “And that’s what I love about statement necklaces, and that’s what all of you at home can do – is you can buy a statement necklace and just perk up a little black dress you have already, a white shirt, even a T-shirt — it could be quite fun. And you can find these necklaces everywhere at every pricepoint.”

own ownshow red carpet scarlett johansson

Another accessory he loved on the red carpet was Scarlett Johansson’s bold collar necklace. Adam loves this statement piece and the matchy-matchy nature of her look. “Monochromatic always makes you look longer and leaner, no matter what,” he says.

Try: 50 Shades of Blue

own ownshow red carpet jessica chastain

“It was all about blue,” gushes Glassman, who loved Jessica Chastain’s navy blue dress.

“Blue is really sort of the newest color to wear at night, especially navy,” Glassman says. Unlike black, navy is much softer against the face, he explains.

Try: The High Slit

rosamund pike

“It was all about the leg,” Glassman says. “Everyone had a lot of high slits — Jennifer Aniston, Rosamund Pike, Emma Stone.”

Avoid: Too Much Of A Good Thing

own ownshow red carpet chrissy teigan

Chrissy Teigen looks gorgeous — no argument there. But unless you’re genetically blessed like the supermodel she is, Glassman says it’s best to stick with “one zone.”

“So if you love your upper body and you want to do a plunging neckline, that’s great,” he says. “Keep everything below the waist more conservative. But if you’re choosing to go with a high slit, then you may want to keep the top a little more covered up.”

More fashion advice: Sarah Jessica Parker dishes shoe tips and styles Oprah for a photo shoot.

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Fall 2015’s Most Wearable Fashion Trends

Here, our picks for the styles that will take you from the office to the bar and everywhere in between.

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Everything You Need To Know About 2015’s Weirdest And Wackiest Health Trends

A few years ago, if you told your friends that you were drinking charcoal, going to 7 a.m. raves and drinking bone broth, they probably would have looked at you like you were crazy. There’s no doubt that these activities still seem a little strange, but they’re also considered healthy (at least by some people).

So what’s the deal?

We can’t guarantee that trends like (gulp) snail facials are here to stay, but for the moment, they’re in. Here’s a closer look at what’s cool in the wellness world right now.

Coffee with butter in it

What it is: After going from overweight to wellness-obsessed, entrepreneur Dave Asprey invented Bulletproof Coffee in 2009. The official Bulletproof Coffee recipe includes low-mold coffee beans, 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter and 1-2 tablespoons of MCT oil. Asprey started selling Bulletproof-branded coffee beans online in 2012, and Los Angeles is getting its first Bulletproof Coffee shop this year.

Why people are doing it: All-day energy. Integrative doctor Frank Lipman, who works with Gwyneth Paltrow, told the New York Times that at a whopping 450 calories, Bulletproof Coffee is ideal for “mind clarity and a bit of pep.”

Does it work? Dr. Donald Hensrud, medical director of the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, is skeptical. “Bulletproof coffee is a dual threat,” he told The Huffington Post. “It not only provides large amounts of calories and saturated fat with minimal nutrients, but if consumed as recommended — in place of breakfast — it will prevent the intake of beneficial nutrients in a healthy breakfast.”

Cricket flour

What it is: Exactly what it sounds like: crickets pulverized into a flour-like powder. Cricket flour is used to make nutritious (and supposedly delicious) protein bars, desserts and more.

Why people are doing it: Crickets are full of iron, B12, protein and have nearly as much calcium as a glass of milk. So if you’d rather eat bugs than dairy… why not?

Does it work? Hensrud is a bit more optimistic about this one. Although he thinks opting for basic protein sources like salmon and chicken is the way to go, cricket flour can be a good option.

“Potential advantages are that it has a higher content of protein than other animal sources and is more environmentally friendly by being more sustainable,” he said. “The stigma is something people need to overcome. Knowing that it is a processed and purified product and not just ground crickets can help. In terms of sustainability, it has potential to help developing populations around the world increase their protein intake from a ready source.”

Facials that are… unique

What it is: People are getting snail facials. Yes, they’re letting snails slither all over their faces for 45 minutes while the snails’ 14,000 tiny teeth produce a small scratching sensation all over the face.

Why people are doing it: Snail mucus contains nutrients and antioxidants that “contribute to a youthful visage,” according to The Guardian.

Does it work? Well, dermatologists aren’t too crazy about them. “I’d be surprised if this has any lasting effect on skin health,” dermatology professor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center Dr. William Stebbins said, according to ABC, noting that they might make the skin look better temporarily. They can also get pretty pricey.

Sober morning parties

What it is: Also known as “sober raves,” people have started showing up at parties at 7 a.m. They’ve swapped heels for spandex and alcohol and drugs for coffee and wheatgrass drinks.

Why people are doing it: It’s energizing. People get to party, make new friends, dance to great music and get their cardio in without the nasty consequences of a hangover or staying out too late. “Generally, raves have like a semi-dark edge to them, and this one is just all happiness,” sober raver Rachel Abbott told CBS.

Does it work? Why not? It’s a great way to get exercise and an ideal party habit for professionals who work long hours and always have to be “on.” According to Annie Fabricant, a co-organizer of Morning Gloreyville in Brooklyn, the only issue is predicting how big the crowd will be. “When people are sober they need a bit more room,” she said, according to The Wall Street Journal. “It has to be as far from the dark, sticky nightclub as possible.”

Coconut oil everything
coconut oil

What it is: People have started putting coconut oil in their coffee, and it doesn’t end there. It’s the most commonly oil used in Oil Pulling — or swishing oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes for a reportedly healthier mouth — and it can be used as makeup remover. It’s also great for cooking, and it’s making its way into smoothie recipes.

Why people are doing it: It’s full of good stuff: Good cholesterol, antimicrobials and antioxidants, to name a few.

Does it work? The general consensus from experts is that more research needs to be done before they can confirm it as the superfood people think it is.

“Most of the research so far has consisted of short-term studies to examine its effect on cholesterol levels. We don’t really know how coconut oil affects heart disease,” Dr. Walter C. Willett, chair of the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School for Public Health, wrote in a newsletter. “And I don’t think coconut oil is as healthful as vegetable oils like olive oil and soybean oil, which are mainly unsaturated fat and therefore both lower LDL and increase HDL.”

Crossfit vacations

What it is: While the idea of jumping on boxes and lifting massive amount of weight may terrify you, some people go on vacation just to do Crossfit. Crossfit travel providers include FitLife Cruise, WOD Tours, Anywhere Fit, WODcation, Destino Retreats and more. The trips are not above encouraging participants to a blast — margarita nights are a thing! — but the main focus is fitness.

Why people are doing it: People really love Crossfit. Plus, who doesn’t like the idea of coming back from vacation a little fitter and healthier?

Does it work? Like sober morning parties, you don’t have much to lose if Crossfit is your thing. But as with all things Crossfit, be careful. Physical therapists have seen a lot of injuries.

“Anecdotally, I haven’t seen people come into our clinic regularly who claim to have been injured by a personal trainer, but we do see many people in our clinic who claim to have been injured doing CrossFit,” Eric Robertson, a physical therapist at Regis University in Denver and founder of the blog PTThinkTank, told The Washington Post.

Bone broth

What it is: Bone broth is made by boiling poultry, beef or fish bones until they break down. Making bone broth can take anywhere from four to 48 hours, but some restaurants have started selling it for those in need of a quick fix.

Why people are doing it: Its benefits are thought to include shinier hair, improved digestion and reduced joint pain and inflammation.

Does it work? Some experts doubt its benefits exceed that of regular broth. “It’s not a miracle cure like some outlets talk about, but still a good-for-you food,” Dawn Jackson Blatner, a registered dietician and author of The Flexitarian Diet, told HuffPost. “It is hydrating, contains veggie and herb anti-inflammatories and the bones provide collagen, a protein which may help with our own bone, joint and skin health.”


What it is: People are now drinking and taking capsules of activated charcoal, which is a little different from the stuff you throw on your barbecue. (It’s negatively charged carbon that’s treated with oxygen.)

Why people are doing it: Many think it’s great for detoxifying, whether you drank too much, ate too much or just need a general boost. Charcoal has started popping up at trendy juice shops, and New York’s Juice Generation just debuted three juices with charcoal in them. “You’re feeding your body two pounds of greens and activating a detox, so it’s dual purpose,” founder Eric Helm told Harper’s Bazaar.

Does it work? Hensrud really isn’t enthusiastic about this one. “It has been promoted as a cure for a hangover. This will not be effective, however, because someone with a hangover will likely already have absorbed alcohol in their system, and even if they haven’t alcohol is one of the substances that activated charcoal doesn’t absorb well,” he told HuffPost. “It is also marketed to decrease intestinal gas but is probably not effective … there is a little evidence it may lower cholesterol slightly — but there are more effective and much easier ways!” Plus, the body detoxes itself naturally. You don’t need charcoal, juice or anything else to do it for you.


What it is: Founded by 36-year-old Daniel Vitalis, Rewilding is all about getting back in touch with our “caveman” sides. It’s about hunting and gathering, spending time in the sun and drinking water from natural streams.

Why people are doing it: To revamp the lifestyle many of us have grown accustomed to: too much time spent in front of screens, under artificial lights and eating processed food. “Hunching over a laptop all day and eating supermarket food flown in from God-knows-where never struck me as an ideal recipe for well-being,” writer Eliza Krigman, who spent a month “Rewilding herself,” wrote in the January issue of Marie Claire.

Does it work? The biggest changes will probably happen if you relocate to the wilderness, as some Rewilders have done. Krigman’s Rewilding was a bit more mild, and although she said her lifestyle didn’t translate to a “completely radiant rejuvenated self,” she did notice some changes. “After a week, I felt significantly less bloated than I usually do,” she said. “My sinuses felt clearer. My husband caught a cold and couldn’t kick it; I never got it!”
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Shop the Spring 2015 Trends: 20 Denim Pieces You Need to Own Now

Photo: InDigital

Sure, the DNA of great denim is all in the jeans, but now the American classic has taken form in multiple must-have modern iterations. Case in point: On the spring 2015 runways, the textile was everywhere, from a dark-wash denim jumpsuit at Chloé to prairie-style dresses with a Western flair at Stella McCartney and elaborately bedazzled jeans at Dolce & Gabbana. And it doesn’t just stop at clothing: On the accessories front, the rough-and-tumble fabric has showed up in everything from sandals to clutches. Here, see twenty all things denim that you can wear now—and forever.

The post Shop the Spring 2015 Trends: 20 Denim Pieces You Need to Own Now appeared first on Vogue.

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Shop the Spring 2015 Trends: 12 Ways to Get Gingham Style Now


Need a break from your tired winter wardrobe? Meet the romantic, warm-weather cousin of plaid: gingham. The same bucolic pattern of Dorothy’s Wizard of Oz dress was revived on the spring 2015 runways in cheery baby blue short sets at Diane von Furstenberg, in red cinched skirt suits at Altuzarra, and prairie-friendly tan frocks at Bottega Veneta. Follow a virtual yellow brick road, and shop the gingham trend of spring right now.

The post Shop the Spring 2015 Trends: 12 Ways to Get Gingham Style Now appeared first on Vogue.

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10 New Celebrity, TV, and Movie Trends I Want to See Happen in 2015

For better or for worse, every year brings new stars, new trends, and new obsessions. At Glamour, it's our job to keep track and discover them for you. So that got me to thinking—what (or…

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It’s 2015! New Year, New Trends in Home, Food, Fashion and Beauty

There is nothing like a fresh calendar year. A brand new 365 days. Aside of the excitement surrounding New Year’s, rounding the corner to 2015 also brings a crop of new trends across life and style — food, fashion, home and beauty. It kicks off with resort season as the holidays wind down and the last of celebrations take place, then goes full-course into spring and summer. It’s no wonder this time of year is always exciting.


For the home, the trend of style in everything — every room, every corner, every element of the house — has been around for a few seasons and shows no signs of slowing this year. With the growth of home furnishings available online and affordable retailers to meet a broader range of demographics, fulfilling this trend is easier and more personal than ever. Watch for color explosion in the kitchen this year — black which has been popular for a few years will return, but even more so will be color across the spectrum particularly in cabinets. Pastels, primary colors, bright, bold, you name it.

Color has already crossed into small kitchen appliances, and while it has turned up with the larger items like refrigerators and dishwashers, far more commonly seen is the popularity of large appliances mirroring the cabinet experience. It creates a smooth, streamlined and synergistic feel. Outside of the kitchen, the same attention to color continues — walls in particular continue to see the play. The sky is truly the limit, so get creative with yours. With furniture and other furnishings, the same is on trend. Bright or rich jewel blue tones are particularly showing up, but pinks, yellows, greens, oranges, etc. are also in the mix again this year for furnishings. New exciting home decor retailers like Serena & Lily and Lulu & Georgia carry great items, while H&M and Zara both now offer online home options that are really great and budget friendly.

Fashion and Style

For fashion and style, 2015 is showing some fresh ideas and concepts as well. Sky-high wedges and flat forms in footwear are appearing across many designer collections in resort and spring previews this year, and if the shoe isn’t one or the other, the wide heel is definitely making an arrival in all forms and formats. After years of tight-fitting skinny jeans and pants, skirts, etc. everything’s loosening up in apparel — soft, flowing fabrics, volume, etc. particularly in coats and pants. In jewelry, architectural and big statement continues to trend. For color, understated hues are here. They’ll start to knock out pastels and big, pop colors in everything from apparel to footwear and handbags.

Lace details, floral prints, bows, gems and other trimmings will continue to play a popular role in accessories of all kinds — handbags, shoes and jewelry. From a styling standpoint, outfits will have a slightly retro and late ’70s vibe. Activewear is exploding in popularity — nearly every brand now offers a collection. Newcomer retailers like Style Runner are growing for their chic curated offerings, but you can find great stuff virtually everywhere now including Net-a-Porter and H&M.


Beauty trends for the coming year are equally exciting. Black eyeliner was everywhere in runway shows and presentations, going beyond the traditional smokey and cat eye to all kinds of unique ideas and applications. With the eye making the stand, lip colors are corresponding accordingly. Nude tones and subtle colors are edging out bright reds, pinks and corals in this area. Matte foundation for spring and sun-kissed summer glow will provide the right base.

While the nails have been doing a lot of talking the past few years, nail art is starting to feel tired though don’t expect detail on the digits to go anywhere just yet. For color, trends will likely follow the same route as the fashion hues — muted tones, etc. A few new makeup favorites here include eyes, lips, face which boasts a great collection of affordable makeup items — perfect for those who want to play with the year’s makeup trends. The company is cruelty-free, which is also growing in popularity as mainstream beauty-lovers continue to buck unnecessary testing on animals.


A new year of fresh ideas doesn’t leave out the foodie. Coconut cream is everywhere at the moment — in desserts, dinners, you name it. There’s also a trend of doing interesting things with items like rice and quinoa — particularly in desserts. Upstart companies in the food category are continuing to boom and grow in popularity. Justin’s nut butters, Mighty Rice, Fork in the Road meats, and so many others. You can find them at stores like Whole Foods or online with a bit of search by item or ingredient.

Cider beer is the drink lately, particularly from upstart and artisan brands. Colorado is home to a bunch of really good creators of this trendy item, but you can find many other types and tastes across the spectrum. Tea is always a popular item — ginger tea is the ‘it’ item of the moment here. It’s got a bit of a kick yet packs great benefits to the body. In coffee, there’s been a huge boom in new coffee makers. Stumptown, from Portland, is a popular player in this arena.

To see more 2015 ideas and trends or all of this month’s edition of Condiment magazine, visit
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This Hilarious Video Boils Down The Makeup Trends We Need To Leave Behind In 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the pretty moments… and the not so pretty moments of the year past.

Thankfully, YouTube vlogger and makeup artist, Jackie Aina aka Makeup Game On Point, released a video that is one of the funniest, most honest end-of-year roundups we’ve seen to date. Although she usually executes sleek tutorials on eyeshadow and more, this beauty guru gets playful (and mad real) with the makeup styles that made 2014 so… special. Yes, we’re talking about contouring (among other fads).

Check out Aina’s hilarious video above and see which beauty trends need to stay in 2014, and 2014 only. And when in doubt, remember Aina’s wise words: “Your lashes should not be able to slice a pizza in half.”

Courtesy: YouTube

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The Top 6 Home Trends Of 2014 And What To Look Forward To Next Year, According To Pinterest

If you’ve ever typed the words “home decor ideas” into the Pinterest search box, then you know one thing for sure: a rabbit hole awaits. You emerge two hours later with twenty conflicting color schemes and building plans for a deluxe puppy mansion (and you don’t even own a dog). But somewhere among the crafty craziness are some noteworthy design inspirations. We know this because we compiled the home trends that took Pinterest by storm in 2014, and a few predictions for the most pinnable moments that lie ahead in 2015. Check out the top home trends of 2014 below.

1. Gallery Walls
Consider this the new statement wall. The secret to a Pinterest-worthy display? Use a variety of colors, sizes and styles of frames.

gallery wall

See this on Young House Love.

2. Colorful Staircases
Pinterest users found inventive ways to incorporate staircases into their home’s color scheme. From subdued ombre to eye-popping neon, these stairs make bold first impressions.

painted staircase

See this on The Justina Blakeney Blog.

3. Polka Dots
The nice thing about this confetti-inspired wall adornment is that it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on what you like. Try this glimmering gold version to add some drama, or something matte black for a more muted look.

gold dot wall

See this on The Homes I Have Made.

4. Floating Shelves
No brackets, no hassle. Floating shelves create seamless storage for books, photos and knick-knacks. Bonus? They don’t require quite as much precision as shelves with a visible foundation.

floating shelves

See this on Shanty2Chic.

5. Sneaky Storage
Because a lot of clutter requires you to take drastic measures. Pinterest took sneaky storage to the next level in 2014, with countless “home hacks” to help us hide our junk.

sneaky bed storage

See this on The Sawdust Diaries.

6. Funky Fresh Knobs
Swapping out generic doorknobs for colorful painted ones will provide a whole lot of bang for your buck.


See this on Design*Sponge.

And in 2015…

We checked the style reports from Behr, Pantone, and The National Kitchen And Bath Association, and it looks like homeowners will not shy away from dynamic color palettes next year. Here are HuffPost Home’s picks for the hottest trends in the new year.

1. Marsala

Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year is a soft, yet incredibly rich color. Keep an eye out for marsala home decor as it pops up in stores and throughout your friends’ homes in the new year.

Follow L’Essenziale Home Designs’s board MARSALA on Pinterest.

2. Neutrals with attitude

Say goodbye to the boring taupe of home makeovers past. Neutrals in 2015 will be a whole lot spicier. Look forward to deep mochas, pretty peaches, and dreamy blues in the year to come.

Follow Nadine’s board Neutral Decor on Pinterest.

3. Brass Accents

For those of you who traded in your ’90s brass fixtures for brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze…we’ve got some bad news. Brass is making a comeback in 2015, in the form of subtle accents that make for dynamite home decor.

Follow Irene Turner Real Estate Sonoma Style™’s board Brass/Gold is BACK! on Pinterest.

4. Black is back, baby

To be perfectly honest, it never really left. But in 2015, expect dramatic, modern black interiors.

Follow Nicolas Valla {Royal Roulotte}’s board Black is in the house on Pinterest.

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9 Wedding Dress Trends For Anti-Princess Brides

We’d be silly to deny that planning a wedding puts everyone in a pressure-cooker situation. You’re searching everywhere for the perfect details to celebrate your commitment. But, when it comes to fashion, we’re firm believers in the go-with-the-flow approach. After all, some of the most beautiful and inspired big-day looks we’ve ever seen are ones that feel like a sartorial extension of the bride herself. They’re you — not the fairytale-princess, too-precious-to-move version of you.
Style – The Huffington Post
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Fall Hair, Makeup, and Nail Trends From Our Favorite TV Shows

Whether the setting is 1930s Havana or modern-day New York City, there’s a ton of beauty inspiration to found on fall TV.

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The 6 Biggest Bathroom Trends Of 2015 Are What We’ve Been Waiting For

This year, the kitchen as we know it completely changed. Shelving opened up, cabinets went darker and metallic accents moved well beyond cabinet knobs. But come 2015, we can expect to see a major overhaul in a different room of the house — the bathroom. Everything from sinks and color schemes to tubs and tiles will see some sort of upgrade, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s style report as well as the trends we’ve seen in the decor sphere, and this is how we expect interior designers and homeowners everywhere to go about it…

Out With The Old: Coastal Cottage Style
In With The New: Clean Contemporary

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s style report, more than 400 designers agreed there is a move toward simplicity in a cleaner, more contemporary way. That’s not to say they are going to completely lose their more cozy, rustic charm for all-out glamour, but they will have cleaner lines and more minimalist modern vibe.

contemporary bathroom

Out With The Old: Rain Showers
In With The New: Soaking Tubs

Forget about glass-encased showers — these days it’s all about the soaking and free-standing tubs, so much so that we can actually expect a decline in standard tubs with shower-surrounds.

contemporary bathtub

Out With The Old: Bowl Sinks On Cabinets
In With The New: Under-Mounted Leggy Sinks

Looks like you’re going to have to find somewhere else to stash those toiletries, because under the sink won’t be a “trendy” choice next year. Also not so “in” anymore? Those bowl-shaped sinks we loved a few years back.

contemporary bathroom

Out With The Old: White Paint
In With The New: Shades Of Gray

Say sayonara to all the white. While it’s still an incredibly popular choice for bathroom colors (along with blue and beige), the National Kitchen and Bath Association also found it to be the fastest-growing shade for the bathroom.

gray bathroom home decor

Out With The Old: Granite Vanities
In With The New: Quartz Countertops

Despite what you may think from watching all that HGTV, there are options out there besides granite. Quartz, a huge player for 2015, is one of them.

quartz countertops

Out With The Old: White Subway Tile
In With The New: Sleek, Black Tiles

Why let kitchens have all the fun with the dark, moodier features? Those trends are here to stay so skip the subway tile and opt for something bolder.

contemporary bathtub

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Are you an architect, designer or blogger and would like to get your work seen on HuffPost Home? Reach out to us at with the subject line “Project submission.” (All PR pitches sent to this address will be ignored.)
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The Dos & Don’ts Of Fall’s Trickiest Trends

Technically, it’s not difficult to wear a new fashion trend. After all, trends are made of clothes, and the only qualification there is being able to put them on your body. But, if you want to avoid a new trend looking like a costume, or like it’s wearing you, there are a few styling tips you need know.
Style – The Huffington Post
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3 Fashion Trends Madonna Started Ages Ago That Are Making a Comeback

Guys, tomorrow is #MadonnaDay and I'm prepping. The Queen of Pop will turn 56, and there's no time like a birthday to celebrate what someone's done for fashion trends the world over. There's the cone…

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Bella Thorne Gives A Preview Of Fall’s Fashion & Beauty Trends

While fall may be synonymous with a preppy uniform of plaids and schoolgirl pieces, you don’t have to be enrolled in honors courses to embrace this consistently on-point trend. The look can work for anyone who’s ready to embrace autumn, which is why we tapped Bella Thorne — an actress shedding her Disney roots for an on-the-rise career in film (Big Sky, The DUFF, and Amityville are just a few of her upcoming flicks), modeling (she is the current face of Neutrogena and Candies), and writing (she penned Autumn Falls, the first of a three-part book series hitting shelves November 11th)—to showcase the season’s coolest transitional pieces.
Style – The Huffington Post
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Beauty blogger Miss Maven shares her tricks for music festival trends

Beauty blogger Miss Maven shares her tricks for music festival trendsThere's no place like the music festival scene to show off your unique fashion style. Don't be afraid to make it pop with these top trends we loved all season. By The Beauty Experts at: L'Oréal ParisTribal prints, kaleidoscope colors, crop tops and fresh-faced beauty makes music festival style super irresistible. What's better than pairing…

Music News Headlines – Yahoo News

Hollywood Pulls Off Some Tricky Trends On This Week’s Best Dressed List

We’ll admit it: Some of our favorite fashion trends are next to impossible to pull off. How are you supposed to wear a cape without looking like a superhero? And how do you get away with thigh-high boots without looking like an extra in “Pretty Woman”?

Have no fear because this week, Hollywood took some of the trickiest trends and executed them perfectly. Olivia Palermo managed to look like a total babe in a cape, while Nicola Peltz worked it in a bright orange dress — apparently orange really is the new black.

Check out the best-dressed stars of the week and let us know if you agree with our choices!

Olivia Palermo in Burberry


It’s all about capes this fall. And here, Palermo is showing us the perfect way to wear this cold weather trend in summer. She has expertly paired her topper with thigh-high boots, short shorts and a pair of mirrored sunnies to make it appropriate for the end of July. A bonus: If she throws on a pair of jeans, this look could easily work in September. The key to wearing a cape is to treat it the same way you would a jacket.

Nicola Peltz in Prada

nicola peltz

Orange is a tricky color to wear (much like nude and yellow), as you need to find the right shade and the right silhouette to have success. And Peltz has done just that. The plunging neckline and exposed back balance out the long hemline, while the flowy skirt makes it look like she’s floating. This newcomer is one to watch.

Tia Mowry-Hardrict in Ellery

tia mowryhardric

It’s so nice to see a different shape on the red carpet. The gown, with the deep-V neckline and bell-sleeves, is very trendy yet still suits the mature actress. Though a white frock is a classic, the voluminous sleeves ensure that she stands out from the crowd.

Fan Bingbing in Chictopia


This dress could have gone wrong in so many ways, but it didn’t. The structured shoulders balance out the spacious skirt, while the sophisticated silhouette and print makes the bow appear fashion-forward, not childish. This looks like an outfit that we would see during Paris Fashion Week — avant-garde and striking.

Chloe Moretz in Valentino


Moretz is certainly a lady in red. Her dress is elegant and effortless, but it’s still suitable for her young age with the Peter Pan collar. The macramé lace is also a nice departure from other fabrics we normally see. A+, Chloe!

Zoe Saldana in Monique Lhuillier


Saldana’s a fashionista through and through. We love how she went with a tight-fighting dress despite her growing belly. The sheer sleeve inserts give the dress a little something extra, as do those sky-high heels.
Style – The Huffington Post
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8 “Ugly” Summer Fashion Trends We Refuse to Quit Wearing

Today we’re speaking out on behalf of our favorite awkward fashion trends, whether they’re bulky, strangely proportioned, or just at the opposite end of sexy. If there’s still something magnetic about its pull on you, we say go for it. It’s all in the name of fashion.

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3 Summer Trends Anyone Can Pull Off

In an effort to make every trend a no-brainer, we’ve translated three buzzy styles into nine ensembles suited to any experience (or laziness) level. That means, we’ve pulled together the lowest impact ways to give them a try, as well as expert examples for the true overachieving style savants we know.
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14 Decor Trends Hipsters Need To Calm Down About (PHOTOS)

From their skinny jeans and oversized readers to their mason-jarred kale smoothies, you can spot a hipster from a mile away. But while they’ve done a fantastic job of perfecting their look for the outside world, what about behind closed doors?

Just about anyone can get behind thesedecor trends that we can confidently say are here to stay, but then there are those that are found in trendy San Francisco apartments to Brooklyn lofts and every warehouse/downtown district in between.

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